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The Embers are finally back! This is Chapter 9 of The Ember Family Legacy. Hope you enjoy it. Here's my forum: Tell me what you think, if you like it or if you don't or what could be improved I don't really mind :) Even just chat because I'll just join in
By: Oliviafrost1
Created: 11/03/10
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Hunger games
By: poolsrock
Created: 03/29/12
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Emma's mother, Elise, is a gold digger, and so she wants her daughter to meet Mason, a young and wealthy man. Elise hopes that Emma will fall in love and Elise will finally be rich. But during Mason and Emma's alone time, things go too far... Read to find out more and please reccomend!
By: cutier11
Created: 08/24/13
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Please recemmend and enjoy:)
By: ricolover
Created: 08/05/10
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The Daniels Legacy 1.2 This legacy is filled with comedy! can leave your comments and/or opinions here.
By: Brittmitch
Created: 08/03/10
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Please recommend for part 2! thanks! goodluck and happy simming!(:
By: mntpianofreak
Created: 01/13/12
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My wedding venue!
By: JordanMegan311
Created: 10/09/10
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By: EllieGrimes207
Created: 08/30/14
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If the Sims 3 is hard for you or something like that, just read the cheats. WARNING: The last one is when you're sad.
By: FauDeef
Created: 09/13/09
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Scarlet is going to participate in the 100 baby challenge! Is she up for it??
By: gsdluver4
Created: 12/15/10
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