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*WARNING* If you dont like scary stuff then please don't read.PLease rec if you like,I would love to atleast have ten recs.Also if you want the characters to be on the exchange then tell me on my page.Have a super,duper day :)
By: mokay
Created: 09/25/11
Recommendations: 55
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A trip down memory lane... Thankyou Queensims99 for Yui and Riku :)
By: zoestockton
Created: 04/10/12
Recommendations: 25
Views: 464
Victoria Martin wants to lose weight for a boy she's liked for a long time. She's inspired by Billboards and can't wait for revenge. Will she ever get it? Read and find out as Victoria tells the story from her point of view and tries to change herself.
By: breabear
Created: 07/22/11
Recommendations: 42
Views: 464
Make me pretty episode 5! plz read last page and plz respond! thanks!
By: hamdumpling
Created: 01/02/10
Recommendations: 15
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By: Rosemel92
Created: 11/19/09
Recommendations: 13
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By: aubreyisme
Created: 08/27/12
Recommendations: 24
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The Johnsons are trying to have as many children as possible. (Both Johnsons are available for download at 51398's studio.)
By: 51398
Created: 07/20/11
Recommendations: 8
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After I got ambitions, I knew exactly what I wanted: A robot. Inventor career it is!
By: Qilune
Created: 06/09/10
Recommendations: 29
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Recommend if YOU agree. People who have stories with actual pics taken from game.
By: CaitlinRace
Created: 11/22/09
Recommendations: 38
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A terrible thing happened
By: paigeypoo159
Created: 02/19/10
Recommendations: 30
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