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This is a new story about Rose,a seventeen year old girl. In this chapter you will be introduced to the main character.This is really an intro but the upcoming chapters will be great! Keep reading the series!
By: mphm
Created: 05/29/12
Recommendations: 14
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My attempt at a Sims 3 legacy continues with Chapter Two. The heir is picked, the kids grow up, and a spouse is chosen for rasising generation two.
By: Muffin
Created: 08/01/09
Recommendations: 8
Views: 504
Just some funny mummy pic's I took. remember to recomend!♥
By: wolfsaver
Created: 05/29/10
Recommendations: 6
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By: Princess10
Created: 12/09/09
Recommendations: 22
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Maria is next PLEASE REC
By: Penny848
Created: 09/11/10
Recommendations: 10
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Meet Katy,Mathew,Kirsten, And Zendaya. Before the night mare starts. 48 recomends and the series starts
By: aprilscott2
Created: 12/16/12
Recommendations: 4
Views: 504
This is a story about a lady who marries a ghost.
By: WaldenJanet
Created: 07/20/11
Recommendations: 5
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You know, there’s about a trillion bazillion expansion pack idea stories going around. At first, I thought this annoying, then I thought it was REALLY annoying, so annoying in fact that I decided I wanted to annoy people myself. And here is the aftermath.
By: iheartjackie
Created: 11/28/09
Recommendations: 12
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My new legacy. Please view and rec if you like. This is only the family tree!
By: Swimingli
Created: 02/18/11
Recommendations: 23
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Jennlle Has Baby Jace with her safe and happy sound perfect right....
By: amypete97
Created: 09/25/11
Recommendations: 6
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