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What did Cleo see through the telescope? She also meets someone! Who though? Please read! And recommend it you liked XD
By: Havana123
Created: 04/23/10
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"I thought moving to Bridgeport was the best idea. Where else would you go if you wanted the life of the rich and famous? I'm just wondering how I ended up alone in this bar on a Saturday night." Please read, and reccomend! Into! Comment on my forum :)
By: lexie1996
Created: 07/13/11
Recommendations: 25
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By: dazmin123
Created: 05/30/10
Recommendations: 60
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Lana enters the Green Room and discovers a unique group of new friends including a boy she won't soon forget.
By: seaweedy
Created: 08/30/10
Recommendations: 42
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What happens at the party?
By: Yas004
Created: 07/23/11
Recommendations: 26
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the first chapter of the west legacy READDDDDDDDDDDDDD
By: 7285cb
Created: 11/05/09
Recommendations: 29
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more birthdays neighbors and babies! the wests are back in chapter 3 of generation 1! ALSO YOUR SIMS COULD BE FEATURED IN THIS LEGACY
By: 7285cb
Created: 11/06/09
Recommendations: 15
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Elaina Cooper is an 18 year old model. She has just moved into her own house with her best friend Kate. Now Elaina is about to go on a photoshoot that has been her dream since she was 8 years old. Will it be all she hoped ?? Forum :
By: 13TaylorFan
Created: 09/10/10
Recommendations: 43
Views: 499
Chapter 11 of the INSANE(ly funny) legacy. See where Andrew and Addie's Relationship takes them. Will Andrew ever adapt to their insane life style? Find out in this chapter of the Parrson Family Legacy.
By: RabbitKid
Created: 09/06/10
Recommendations: 28
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Next contestant is Megan Zombido, the half-sister of Tiger. Am I gonna be scarred for life again? Knowing sims, uhhh yah.... Read it!
By: Fedora14
Created: 07/20/10
Recommendations: 52
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