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this is chapter 2 of the single mother challenge! if u havent red the first one click on my profile and read the first one or u wont understand this one enjoy! xx
By: Shanarawr
Created: 09/01/09
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enter competetion now! prizes 2 win! look at pics! reccomend! o.0
By: inspirationalcat
Created: 12/14/09
Recommendations: 19
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This is a peak into Emily's private life as she views it. Emily had a good head on her shoulders living in her parents house, now thats shes out on her own things are different. After a night of passion Emily finds herself pregnant with Mortimer Goths child.
By: Hellz_Angel
Created: 01/08/10
Recommendations: 5
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Okay title says it all. ???Really Simmers??? You can reccomend if you want and think I am right but you dont have to I just want to get my story out.
By: simcrazy5962
Created: 04/08/10
Recommendations: 30
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By: samuel267
Created: 04/12/10
Recommendations: 5
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A brief guide of how to take cool pictures for your house on the sims 3, Link for tghe house is on the last slide.
By: flatjack30
Created: 02/21/11
Recommendations: 4
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Episode 7 of the interactive game show! Who will Lime use the POS on? Who will be the second to leave the house? Also, who will be the third OOH? It all happens on this episode!!
By: badtothebone322
Created: 08/13/09
Recommendations: 17
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Sheild your eyes and your childs. This is one scary sim!
By: lolaiscuteandprett
Created: 08/16/11
Recommendations: 8
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This is a pre-legacy I will be creating, that is, if everyone who reads it likes it and recommends? :) So anyways, yeah, this is my first legacy, and I really liked my Goodman family, and decided to make a legacy of them! I hope you like it! Please recommend!! Thanks to everyone that makes legacies of their simmies, and they are the ones that inspired me to create one of my own! Thanks goes expecially to Aoxa, for making an awesome Legacy of her own! :)
By: simsplayer95
Created: 09/06/09
Recommendations: 12
Views: 496
Chapter three of the Literature Legacy! Filled with memorys, a shocking event, a birth, and birthdays, this story is filled! Check it out :)
By: Skip45
Created: 06/08/10
Recommendations: 25
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