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Optical Illuision click through fast to get effect copyright of Havana123
By: littlelexi007
Created: 11/19/10
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"Hey. Stop watching my boyfriend threw your little window. He’s mine, and think about installing curtains instead of looking at my stuff." She whispered to me, glaring. Please read and rec! Chapter 5 part 1
By: liln149
Created: 10/02/11
Recommendations: 34
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READ THIS!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!
By: Mistylov360
Created: 02/14/10
Recommendations: 7
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By: lilbo98
Created: 08/31/09
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Spice and Wolf is an anime about a harvest deity with the ears and tail of a wolf who travels with a young merchant called Kraft Lawrence, who prefers to go by his surname for business. Us S&W are begging for a third season, and with you watching it too, the creators might be tempted to make one!
By: TigerTrouble
Created: 04/21/12
Recommendations: 2
Views: 528
Lindsey Danner just can't accept the truth that her high school boyfriend, Mason Kelly, has left her for what seems like forever. Will she find a new guy or with she still wait for Mason to come back?
By: katiecoool
Created: 05/27/11
Recommendations: 18
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Just trying to help people from doing the wrong thing.
By: romerkinz
Created: 05/30/09
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Evelyn tells her mother about what happened to her when she was "insane", and her mother reveals who can help them! Finally, there's hope! Something else happens, too...
By: simsgal2227
Created: 03/25/11
Recommendations: 13
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This is the First chapter of the Bright Legacy. Lucy just moved to Sunset Vally were she meets Alexander, and get a job, and starts a Legacy. It is alot of fun to read and you will be able to pick the heir/Heiress at every generation. Please recommend it Thanks :)
By: KateOhyeah
Created: 08/18/09
Recommendations: 13
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What would you do when your hair was purple and you were a vampire? Eat a squirel or Freak out? -Numnum READ AND SEE!:D
By: Numnumisinsane
Created: 01/20/12
Recommendations: 20
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