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Cora Pravda was the federal investigator assigned to the Nelson children's case almost two and a half years after the original incident. The case was considered cold after all leads were found to be dead ends. In little less than a month Cora was able to solve the unsolvable but in the process she discovered a conspiracty unlike any she had ever encountered. This is the true first-hand account of the case of the Nelson children.
By: Megs1116
Created: 04/20/11
Recommendations: 61
Views: 458
My first story. Elianna lives with her mom and dad, but she might as well be living on her own.
By: LoveLetter
Created: 07/30/11
Recommendations: 34
Views: 458
The First Chapter of the Jones Legacy. the founder, Erica moves to Sunset Valley to meet new people and start a life there.
By: lozirox10
Created: 07/28/09
Recommendations: 5
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I wish I’d never existed. Then I wouldn’t have inflicted the pain and hurt that I have. Then the world would be unblemished by the inkstain that is me. My name is Jessie Liana, but that's all it is. A name. The person that was Jessie Liana was lost a long time ago. This is my story.
By: auschick7
Created: 11/21/10
Recommendations: 15
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this is the wedding album of the wedding between mari and john. the wedding takes place in the first baby story book
By: jamjam2009player
Created: 06/19/10
Recommendations: 16
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Cassie and Jay go for a wander and Jay gets a very unsettling text.
By: Bethia11
Created: 05/23/12
Recommendations: 24
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When Shane finds her life doing summersaults and cartwheels.How will she respond to this? Enjoy this dramedy hybrid thing with 2/3 drama.
By: overunder
Created: 03/15/10
Recommendations: 43
Views: 458
Sareana Diflot thought her life was perfect. I mean, what else could a girl ask for?? A wonderful boyfriend, two twin brothers and one loving sister, and a mom that loves her while her dad watches over her from heaven? No.Life WAS perfect for Sereana. Until she turned 18. Contact me at Thanks!! P.S. This is an intro to my new series!! Enjoy!! And Rec!! (:
By: ilovesims3addict
Created: 03/24/10
Recommendations: 35
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how to make your couple contort!
By: diandra0901
Created: 06/09/10
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Intro: Tristitia's first visitors arrive, and we learn a bit more about the horrors the President brought. Read, rec, enjoy.
By: TheLastGhost
Created: 04/08/12
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