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stop bullying this happens every day and im sick of it just stop!! this vid is to raise awareness o
By: koopaloops
Created: 06/08/14
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100 Baby Challenge. Chapter Seven Oh Baby, Baby !!
Created: 09/28/11
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Please read this at >><< it's a whole new legacy I was thinking to start. So if you like it , please recommend ! Because any signs of readers will guarantee that I'll continue with this (: Thanks !
By: WaWCc
Created: 01/03/12
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Episode Two - The Affair Mariah begins an affair with her personal trainer 'Troy' but how long will she continue it? Will her family ever find out?
By: fridayjack1
Created: 06/08/09
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This took me a long time to make this video.
Created: 01/22/10
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This story invloves around 2 adults,Claire and Mark.They always wished to have a child.But will they?
By: AlexBuffy
Created: 06/16/10
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Best friends since they were 14, Chelsea and Sarah have always been opposites. They always date the same kind of guys, no matter what...until Sarah meets the mysterious Emerson, starting a whirlwind romance and secrets not even her best friend can discover...
By: hollaaaback88
Created: 04/25/11
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Chapter 3!!! Rae's in labor! Baby is born!
By: MissGme
Created: 03/16/11
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This is my new story about a 15-year-old girl named Carter, who lives her mum as her dad died a couple of years ago from a plane crash whilst on business. This is about her struggles in high school - please rec, and I hope you enjoy it :) xxx
By: Daisy111
Created: 05/28/11
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By: creepiegirl
Created: 10/15/10
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