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The lady gaga u thought you knew
By: Kiwi797
Created: 11/26/09
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How to make a pumpkin roll.
By: HayHay74
Created: 11/19/11
Recommendations: 5
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A story about a creepy young girl and her 'dolls' (made like a video i saw)
By: Samjess
Created: 07/10/11
Recommendations: 27
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plz read teens
By: TheKillersRock
Created: 08/05/10
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By: Abby1fan
Created: 09/19/09
Recommendations: 12
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The first chapter of THE FALLS LEGACY. Meet the founder, make some friends, find a flashlight. Sit back and enjoy~ Happy Simming. REC, ADD, COMMENT. D~Nice
By: Sk8rgirl1995
Created: 10/29/11
Recommendations: 18
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Sorry for my unexpected disappearance, but I am back with the special chapter I promised you guys a long time ago. The first of three contest winners will be mentioned in part 2! :) Enjoy! Kiara and Travis meet up with some of his friends at a karaoke bar. Overwhelmed at the bright lights and noises upon entering, Kiara is worried if she will be accepted by the people closest to the man she loves… Will she be able to win them over?
By: amyqueenvirtuoso
Created: 01/15/13
Recommendations: 28
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The Flamels start on their teenage years. The Heir starts her adventures and one of the family passes on!
By: afkthenad
Created: 07/05/10
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The story of a young girl that is kidnapped by a group of vampires. When at the coven the leader falls in love with her and she becomes a very powerful queen, but one day a handsome young man is kidnapped and brought to the coven.She falls in love with him and from then on her life takes many turns.
By: Gab2010
Created: 11/22/11
Recommendations: 20
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Lauren is getting bigger and bigger and decides to tell her parent the truth but things don't go as well as she hoped they would.
By: natalex415
Created: 05/24/13
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