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At last! The time for action is now, things have just gone from bad to worse! People are going missing, screams are heard off in the distance... and it suddenly feels like there is another presence looming in the dark... Check out the latest installation of the Sleepover Series!
By: amirahqueen
Created: 03/04/11
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I glared at what could easily be mistaken as a friendly gesture between a father and his son. But, it wasn’t. They were laughing, sure, but they were laughing at the price of other people’s misfortune. -Introduction-
By: Skip45
Created: 01/11/11
Recommendations: 59
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Please read!
By: awesome1168
Created: 01/07/12
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Screenshots for my entry for Build 'N' Share #33
By: golden_glow
Created: 01/16/10
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The story of the orphans who live at Stoneridge Orphanage for Girls. There lives are very hard, but they're determined to make the best of it!
By: littlered123
Created: 08/10/10
Recommendations: 27
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sorry i forgot to put this in Missy came to the medding with her 6kids and 3 babys.
By: sims3geek33
Created: 06/03/09
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By: Harley041498
Created: 03/01/12
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Chapter 5 is out! Enjoy, and recommend if you liked it, I put a lot of effort. So I hope you appreciate it. Thanks!
By: gtgmyborther
Created: 05/21/10
Recommendations: 18
Views: 490
hahaha this is funny pictures and gnomes and glitches i will make many more if this one is a sucsess.
By: cookieslol101
Created: 07/16/11
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This is the chapter 5. Genre: Horror, thriller. Synopsis: A group of 7 young people are travelling to a small city near of the mountains, they are on vacation and they just want to have fun there, but there is something strange with that city, the city seems to be uninhabited, and they will discover some kind of infection there. So they must try to survive because there are alot of zombies!
By: Movupper
Created: 01/03/11
Recommendations: 34
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