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Ok ok this IS how to make link but only people who get something specific from the sims stoe (its free BTW)
By: Legendofzelda222
Created: 07/20/10
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My intro to the first series i ever made. a girl and her friend go through the worst things ever- but together. They are always by each others sides, and won't ever let go of each other. Why is Becky so sad? What happens? What tradgedy? Find out later, when I make my sequels. -7Emiy77 (rec and fav) <3 <3 luv u guys
By: 7Emily77
Created: 02/02/10
Recommendations: 41
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A message to SugarCookie3000 because she's being mean to ILoveTheSims4855 without having to be. Read this, SugarCookie3000, or I'll eat your cookies. ALSO, NOBODY REC THIS BECAUSE THIS STORY BECAUSE IT DOESN'T DESEARVE IT, NO EFFORT WAS PUT INTO IT BUT THE EFFORT TO DEFEND THE UNDEFENDED ONE.
By: SimmerAlexandre
Created: 12/30/09
Recommendations: 15
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Chapter 19 to My Alphabetical Uglacy! Caroline becomes a child and Leighton hits elder hood! Please read and recommend! Leave comments at forum! Thanks and happy simming! Forum:
By: drew10player
Created: 05/07/10
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Layla arrives In Bridgeport read to find out what she gets up to! PLEASE READ AND REC THANKSSXX
By: misschica12345
Created: 08/09/11
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Emily Strong is troubled by the thought of Kent.. what will happen in this chapter?? Read it find out!
By: pointegirl
Created: 06/12/12
Recommendations: 17
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"Sadly, it won't be coming this time. It has grown weary of helping me; it knows I am a lost cause. It goes to the more worthy, the ones with real powers. My powers are useless. Good for absolutely nothing. But that’s what I am good for too, so it makes sense why my powers are meaningless. They are just like me." This is a new story I am writing and I really hope you like it. Please take a look and give it a chance.
By: monkeygirl74
Created: 04/08/10
Recommendations: 51
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Remy is cynical. She has issues. She sleeps around, drinks too much and really doesn't care what anyone thinks about her. Remy is preparing to leave Twinbrook to live a new life in Bridgeport. In the Intro she says goodbye to her friends and spend her last day in Twinbrook. Pretending to be nice and smiley isn't as easy as it seems.
By: 13TaylorFan
Created: 08/20/10
Recommendations: 21
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This is Chapter 14 of The Ember Family Legacy! **** woop! This one is called Yasmin's Revenge. Hope you enjoy also it's the generation 3 heir vote this is where you can find the poll and vote: Also sorry if there's typos I hurt my fingers by bending all four backwards on my right hand
By: Oliviafrost1
Created: 11/29/10
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Read and you will find out what im so mad about
By: reecek131
Created: 12/08/09
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