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Angela wishes she could be back in Twinbrook but instead she has to spend eternity in the clouds as an angel of the Heavens. But Zues, the king of the gods is told of Angela's betrail. Angela claims she is innocent, or is she? This is an Intro only. I need 5 recs to continue. Enjoy!
By: Anita7777777
Created: 04/08/11
Recommendations: 36
Views: 527
The intro to my story idea of an insane woman and a murder, please rec and comment!
By: tori104
Created: 09/02/10
Recommendations: 103
Views: 526
When you first look at Meghan Jacobs you'd see an perfectly ordinary girl, very pretty, with nice clothes on and walking side by side with her best friend discussing music. However, she is anything but normal, as she has been born blind, feeling her way around and relying on her best friend for support and guidance. She is an optimist, but one thing gets her down: the cruel boys she's been interested in. Will she ever be able to find love? This is the introduction.
By: prettyone27
Created: 01/12/11
Recommendations: 89
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A family is something everyone wants. But it is something I will never have... Terri is an orphan, ever since she was born she was brought to the orphanage. She dreams of family and is brushed aside by every hopeful looking family looking for adoption. She is bullied and feels like nothing; but inside, is a perfect little girl and much more than she thinks.
By: BailyANDSam
Created: 02/05/11
Recommendations: 44
Views: 526
By: skilletrules123
Created: 03/24/10
Recommendations: 61
Views: 526
By: Owleh3739
Created: 02/02/13
Recommendations: 30
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Cierra Mist and styling crew explore Riverview for unfortuanate sims to trim hair, apply makeup, and give tips to!
By: EmmyBird
Created: 10/30/09
Recommendations: 15
Views: 526
The second episode of... "Makeover Time! With Eden Lucik!" Can Kyle Dellcompto get the makeover he needs in order to be let into "The Band", the coolest band at his school? Also, the Russo's make a special appearance! Please read and rec, and read the Russo Legacy!!! -gymnasticsfreak
By: gymnasticsfreak
Created: 03/24/10
Recommendations: 22
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glitch help
By: Tanzey
Created: 09/09/10
Recommendations: 4
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By: pandav
Created: 01/29/12
Recommendations: 2
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