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A Romeo and Juliet based story but with no death at the end! Colette is a young French teenager and she has a happy life until her mother is beaten to death by her own husband. She is then turned into a servant but she never thought her life could be changed forever.
By: Kahris
Created: 06/15/15
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Views: 259
An in depth look of Resort ButterRose Victorian Bed and Breakfast, uploaded in the exchange.
By: 1shrewdshrew
Created: 07/30/15
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Views: 255
It's about a girl who gets cursed at halloween!!! Hahahaha...
By: Frizzyfreya58123
Created: 10/18/15
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Views: 243
By: BigSimmyy
Created: 10/04/15
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Views: 235
She was talking to her friends and boyfriend about prom night.
By: Synee07
Created: 05/06/15
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Views: 231
A story about a doll and her sad life
By: spankeb77
Created: 05/03/15
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Views: 229
Daisy's life seems to be one long series of questions at the moment - and some of them, only she can answer. But she has finally got her room to a reasonable state: it's time to let the rest of the family see what she's done.
By: SamelaRita
Created: 05/07/15
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Views: 225
Hobo finds his lover
By: KittyPickle
Created: 08/14/15
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Views: 225
A variant of how Molly French ended up living alone with her daughter Sandi and her friend Fiona.
By: zvieri
Created: 07/01/15
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Views: 220
By: snydo71
Created: 06/01/15
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Views: 218
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