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Papy Pivert is Agnès grandfather who has got a farm with an orchard and where he also breeds show jumping horses. Taïga has already spent most weekends in the meadows, watching and playing with the horses in secret. But now, she’ even allowed to bottle feed a foal. She would love Granny to meet Papy… and she would love the foal to be hers… But oh by the way : What’s hiding in the closet?..
By: jillbg
Created: 08/01/14
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The Sims 3 100 Baby Challenge 1.1! BTW the rec button is lonely :3 Sorry my narration skills are so sucky, I've never done this before lol Please leave a comment on my page if you liked and send me a friend request. xoxo- Cupcakeluvurr
By: CupcakeLuvurr
Created: 12/06/14
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The Baker Legacy Begins!!!! Finally have my computer running and ready to start writing again ;).....this is and intro to my characters and very short lol
By: Sarahew716
Created: 08/13/14
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This is the story of Leah Parker, a women who died a horrible way... by a stalker. When you read this he might be watching your Sim right now. And her stories are not over. Come back every Saturday for a new Leah tale. Hope you enjoy!!!
By: mycek4
Created: 07/12/14
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Lizzie & Abby: The College Diaries: Chapter 3: Abby Clawson: Lizzie and Abby have been best friends from childhood up till their high school graduation. With a life of twist and turns, they have been able to stick together and get through anything. Now with the duo starting college, will their friendship hold though? Or will their differences tear them apart?
By: evanglinababe19
Created: 08/15/14
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this was my first movie so please share it!:D
By: Emma_Sims_Games
Created: 08/10/14
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avrille since she was 13 has a crush on a boy called connor but what does he turn into
By: simmee22
Created: 08/18/14
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Chapter Three is up, any ideas please let me know! Thank you for those that take the time to read my ideas!
By: Lifeiscruel1609
Created: 09/27/14
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Chapter three is here! Last time Keira and Joshua found their mutual attraction for each other had always been there and ended up kissing. Dexter and Lainie vowed to work on their marriage. Liam learned the hard way that Cormac didn't want to be seen with him and Luke finally told Rosie he loved her. What will happen next? Kee and Josh have planned to meet again, Dexter needs to get something off his chest and confess to Lainie, and Drew has a guest in his house.
By: LJFoxie
Created: 09/27/14
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Love, Lust, Betrayal...
By: Renee-Nay5151978
Created: 10/02/14
Recommendations: 2
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