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Lizzie & Abby: The College Diaries: Chapter 29: Returning Home: Part 2: Abby is thrilled to be back home after a long night of traveling, but she doesn't expect is to be hounded about why she didn't come with Lizzie. With the excuse of being exhausted, she is able to keep her mom off her back, but for how long? What will her mother think of her when she learns the truth about what she did?
By: evanglinababe19
Created: 01/21/15
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bullys are mean
By: sayhi1235
Created: 01/28/15
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A sad story
By: simer1231
Created: 01/25/15
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By: kaylee044
Created: 01/02/15
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Taïga is home in Bayou Oaks Mansion for the Christmas Holidays… Are her dreams premonitory? Is Granny losing her powers? Is Linn falling for Derek, even though she’s never met him? And are Taïga’s feelings for Loki strong enough to meet his parents? If you would like to read the whole story, with more and better pictures, please follow my blog: Happy simming!
By: jillbg
Created: 01/14/15
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The story so far...this is a recap of the first five generations of The Salk Island West legacy, as I'm determined to finish it, despite the long gap in writing any more of it. Proper chapters will be following, but if you've forgotten what's happened so far, or if you're new to it, this is the fill-you-in post!
By: SamelaRita
Created: 01/09/15
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here yall go
By: lucytn4
Created: 01/10/15
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The burglar snuck inot the musuem hoping to steal a pricless treausr
By: helenbassett
Created: 01/16/15
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peace out bro
By: carlyrose2
Created: 01/27/15
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the little girls dad wanted her to get a friend for christmas
By: robbiea05
Created: 01/13/15
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