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This is a series of short stories about a family (The Ballard-Luke family). It is based on the sims 3 Challenge by angelofafallen. We'll meet each family member and follow their lives as it unfolds. Not to mention the drama with light comedy.
By: trishyjack
Created: 04/27/16
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This is a story that is a really weird story (CAUTION: Don't read if your under 7!)
By: Tyler2awesome
Created: 04/28/16
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Two young people, from families that are enemies, falling in love. Sound familiar? But that's what's happening with Claire and David. And then they find out that their families haven't always been enemies: maybe there's hope for them both. David can't wait to tell Claire about his discoveries - but she doesn't turn up for their date. What's happened?
By: SamelaRita
Created: 04/30/16
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Views: 5
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