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The Journey of Life Part 6
By: wrenstales
Created: 09/13/14
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Views: 50
About Vladimir Schlick, Elvira Slayer and their children Audrey, Andi and Christine.
By: Alexsiri
Created: 09/15/14
Recommendations: 6
Views: 46
Story of my sims
By: annajclev1512
Created: 09/13/14
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Views: 45
The Life of Andrea Langston Book 4: Chapter 1: Another Door Opens: Andrea fears become a reality when she learns that her mother has lost the custody battle and is barred from seeing Andrea and Lewis as well. Now Andrea has no choice but to movie in with her father and his new wife Elaine. Things couldn't get any worse for her...or could they?
By: evanglinababe19
Created: 09/18/14
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Views: 43
Another installment in the hilarious new bit of life series everyone is talkin' about. Darwin's Life!
By: Animesimmer78
Created: 09/13/14
Recommendations: 1
Views: 42
Where will I meet my first Sim?
By: DANO22420
Created: 09/15/14
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Views: 40
Ben and Sarah are getting married!!!!! Hopefully they will love each other
By: FloridaGidget
Created: 09/17/14
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Views: 39
Charlie agreed to show Matthew round Rowansford as a favour to her father - but she actually gets on well with this new arrival to the town. And her best friend, Hanako, likes him as well. In fact, the two of them are ganging up on Charlie and encouraging her to stand up for herself a bit, and not let her selfish younger sister have everything her own way all the time...
By: SamelaRita
Created: 09/14/14
Recommendations: 3
Views: 38
Pics of my sims while i was creating them.
By: zimacarmon2013
Created: 09/17/14
Recommendations: 0
Views: 37
This marks the end of this particular series. I intend to continue it, just not in the immediate future. After all, there are some questions unanswered. Like: what's the deal with the plumbob?
By: NasreddinHodja
Created: 09/16/14
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Views: 35
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