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This tutorial shows you how to make your very own festive holiday tree inside your sims house. Featuring the characters of the Warrior Legacy. Recommend and Favorite. P.S. Please to not copy the idea, I came up with it myself.
By: MochaKat21
Created: 11/27/09
Recommendations: 71
Views: 3146
Thank you all for making Chapter 1 of Percy's life such a hit! Now it's time for his life to make the next big step! Something big is going to happen, but what? *Come close* to finding out with Chapter 2! Don't forget to read and recommend =D
By: tenniskid561
Created: 06/16/09
Recommendations: 132
Views: 3141
Rose was chosen as heiress, and explores the new lands!
Created: 12/08/09
Recommendations: 90
Views: 3137
Everybody do the Jaxerena! *dances* I take forever with these chapters, because things are more special when you wait! Included in this issue a special competition for your sims! YOUR SIM COULD BE IN THE JAXIE LEGACY! Want to know more? The info is just one itsy bitsy spider mouse click away!
By: nikkstarrr11
Created: 10/17/09
Recommendations: 107
Views: 3135
A very long chapter! Lot's happening in this one! A new arrival! A very surprising one indeed! Please recommend and comment here -->
By: Aoxa
Created: 08/13/09
Recommendations: 154
Views: 3135
Meet Marlee, she's a beautiful woman. She's got all she's ever wanted: kids. She doesn't have money, she doesn't have luxury. Just love. All she is, is love. Happily married she tells her story, and believe me, this is not the only chapter.
By: kkrocks
Created: 07/12/11
Recommendations: 94
Views: 3125
The Smith Legacy - Chapter three of Generation Eight!! New addition? Maybe ;) Birthdays? Likely... Please recommend and comment here --> Thanks for reading! Until next time, Cheers!
By: Aoxa
Created: 09/06/09
Recommendations: 218
Views: 3121
The beginning of Agnes Crumplebottom's tragic story where she meets a stranger in the brand new destination known as Champs les Sims - please recommend! :) Any feedback or suggestions are appreciated very much!:
By: liam7695
Created: 01/01/10
Recommendations: 90
Views: 3120
Do you want to know how to kidnap a todler on a fun way? Take some time and read and find out!!
By: Suneneusie
Created: 04/24/11
Recommendations: 74
Views: 3117
All those "Black and White" or "Messed up" babies are totally FINE: Read this and learn how to fix this when it happens to your kids!
By: lext12
Created: 08/11/10
Recommendations: 138
Views: 3117
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