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Part 1 begins with a family falling apart. How will Colby pick up the pieces of his legacy so early on?
By: amberry21
Created: 02/09/14
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Papy Pivert is Agnès grandfather who has got a farm with an orchard and where he also breeds show jumping horses. Taïga has already spent most weekends in the meadows, watching and playing with the horses in secret. But now, she’ even allowed to bottle feed a foal. She would love Granny to meet Papy… and she would love the foal to be hers… But oh by the way : What’s hiding in the closet?..
By: jillbg
Created: 08/01/14
Recommendations: 1
Views: 204
Holly has been a coma for several days now. Will she pull out of it? Will the police charge Kanoa with attempted homicide? What will Kale's conversation with Jazlyn reveal?
By: Sarahew716
Created: 12/15/13
Recommendations: 7
Views: 204
Hey guys im still in the working of this legacy and i will be uploading more images (including some of the girls [and boy :0] of when they were growing up!) Sorry this ones so short!!
By: shelbi814
Created: 11/11/13
Recommendations: 0
Views: 204
By: Brilk17
Created: 11/18/13
Recommendations: 0
Views: 203
Im super sorry my game messed up. So im starting fresh
By: Star8901
Created: 10/27/13
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Views: 203
Alphabet legacy tots grow up while dad gets promoted mom gets demoted & decides on a career change.
Created: 01/11/14
Recommendations: 8
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Only six months to go now, and 126 is sitting before her final review board. The last six months are going to be quite different from the preceding nine and a half years in many ways. And these few months throw up some surprises as well.
By: SamelaRita
Created: 05/28/14
Recommendations: 2
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The Reede Legacy Chapter 2. WARNING: This is really long. I worked on it for a long time, and since I had the day off of school I made it long. Hug the rec button for me. Enjoy!
By: latenightgrl48
Created: 12/17/13
Recommendations: 5
Views: 203
Bella Wolf a young girl who ventures into the future. Who loves her life…… her world but what will unfold before her.
By: Letsrockandroll
Created: 11/12/13
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Views: 202
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