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Don and Lolita are finally getting married (in a total mess) and are trying to have a mini-lolita or a mini-Don!! Please read and recommend!! Thank you ;)
By: PM030023
Created: 08/24/09
Recommendations: 33
Views: 686
The Death of Christopher leaves the family in Tears, and there may be another contender for Heir on the way.
Created: 08/12/09
Recommendations: 23
Views: 686
For Build N Share Challenge "The Rebel Princess"
By: LandaX
Created: 01/17/10
Recommendations: 14
Views: 686
The Nerd Diaries :) Rec if you liked it!
By: 123StarStrukk
Created: 01/17/12
Recommendations: 28
Views: 686
CHAPTER Eight of the Plumbob Legacy! Filled with LTW fulfilling, spouse finding, and baaaabbbiiiieeees!
By: The_Blue_Maiden
Created: 10/21/09
Recommendations: 33
Views: 686
The third story for my ISBI,but you'll never see most of it coming.
By: slowpokejordan
Created: 03/29/12
Recommendations: 6
Views: 686
Crystal is just a normal school girl. Houston Richards is the school famous player and jock, who has been dating three girls at once. When the girls find out, they loathe for revenge, and force Crystal into a sly scheme to make Houston fall in love with her; then for her to break his heart. But things get complicated when Crystal really does start falling for him, and when a mystery admirer tries to show his love for her as well. Which boy to choose, as well as should she really break Houston's heart?
By: laurenlvr079
Created: 05/07/13
Recommendations: 13
Views: 686
Welcome to the twenty first chapter of the Plumbob Legacy! Filled with Fire, Water, Baaaaabies, dissapointedness, and cheating!
By: The_Blue_Maiden
Created: 12/06/09
Recommendations: 34
Views: 686
This is sure to teach you how to make a computer lab bed. Its easy! Its fun! Please recommend :)
By: danceanimal
Created: 02/20/10
Recommendations: 16
Views: 686
Don't pay attention to the pictures please!
By: bbrocker111
Created: 03/01/12
Recommendations: 22
Views: 686
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