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Ok! so I am new to Sims and I was messing with my game and I thought "man! I want to write a story on this like everyone on the Sims 3 website!" and then I thought "but all their pictures are really good!" so I started taking pictures as well as I could. I just wanted to see if anyone else thought my pics were good because I don't want to write things that nobody will read because of horrible pictures. PLEASE RECOMMEND!
By: Cinbles
Created: 02/17/10
Recommendations: 62
Views: 687
By: Sims3mad1234567890
Created: 04/02/10
Recommendations: 29
Views: 687
Please rec.!
By: simpotato
Created: 03/29/11
Recommendations: 43
Views: 687
Are you sick of these dumb people who say they can get teen pregnancy and then end up advertising their legacy or just tricking you? Rec if you find this stupid!
By: auschick7
Created: 08/05/10
Recommendations: 36
Views: 687
Sayuri and Tanaka are now in Pandora, a secret island where the upcoming band "Shriek" would erupt and Sayuri would debut her becoming of a geisha... a sequel of their Romance in Shang Simla with a new twist in the story. recommend for progression of this story.
By: babyblu3
Created: 02/22/10
Recommendations: 13
Views: 687
This is the begging of Elsie's long story, and her life. Enjoy!
By: Qwerty126Alex
Created: 01/22/11
Recommendations: 26
Views: 687
Don't pay attention to the pictures please!
By: bbrocker111
Created: 03/01/12
Recommendations: 22
Views: 687
Chapter 3! Yeahh, Please recommend!
By: KiwiKup
Created: 12/30/09
Recommendations: 61
Views: 686
Miss the Dusks and their, if I do say so myself, rocking Voice? Well then tune in for a crazy comeback, and look out for the holiday special!
By: Ailatan99999
Created: 12/20/10
Recommendations: 55
Views: 686
My new story; Part of Me, introduction.
By: Valerie_RedCloak
Created: 08/05/12
Recommendations: 93
Views: 686
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