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Cassie and Sonia are two popular 12 year olds. Their first day in the 7th grade is full of surprises, some nice and some... not so nice. Please recommend!
By: varius57
Created: 07/01/12
Recommendations: 39
Views: 743
Chapter {Six} of Vincent Enjoy!!
By: KupCakeFrosting
Created: 06/21/12
Recommendations: 61
Views: 743
By: Lyleene
Created: 09/30/09
Recommendations: 18
Views: 743
The first contestant is voted off :(
By: mojot89
Created: 12/23/09
Recommendations: 21
Views: 743
Season 2 Chapter 3: For better or for worse?
By: Sophila9
Created: 10/14/12
Recommendations: 26
Views: 743
This story is about a girl who wakes up to find herself in a mansion after her parents were brutally murdered. she is also told she may not laeave the house. She has to train for something thats after her...but what?
By: nenea13
Created: 11/14/10
Recommendations: 47
Views: 743
Maya Marie Vandeburg was just fourteen years old when her life was changed forever. Her parents perished in a tragic car accident. How will she cope without the support of her parents for the rest of her life?
By: Kaitlyn107
Created: 01/16/12
Recommendations: 37
Views: 743
Just a cute little scrapbook type thing of Evan from my story "Gone" I hope you like it. I am completely in love with him and can't wait to see him as a child!
By: Mattern
Created: 04/16/10
Recommendations: 10
Views: 743
Here is chapter 5! I didn't think Id make it past Chapter 2, to be honest, but here it is! I'm taking a break for a while to go on vacation, so don't expect any more chapters for about two weeks or less. This chapter we welcome two more glitchy babies, and we get rid of two of our first babies.
By: winterPlane
Created: 02/17/11
Recommendations: 22
Views: 743
We are Young - Season 2 Chapter 2 "Don't you remember?"
By: Owleh3739
Created: 11/23/12
Recommendations: 58
Views: 742
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