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The Hao's have always wanted a family of their own, only problem is they can't have children :( But when they move to sunset valley, things seem to change. Will it be for the better, or for the worse. I'm not going ta tell you so your gonna have to read ;) Link to forum:
By: rubyandnora97
Created: 08/12/10
Recommendations: 44
Views: 835
Under Water House Please Recommend
By: pooh90
Created: 11/03/09
Recommendations: 18
Views: 834
A teenager girl, Has to cope with many loss's, A grumpy mother, No friends, And worst of all, she has to cope with cancer.
By: RaceyGracey
Created: 11/18/10
Recommendations: 86
Views: 834
A important announcement
By: mileyrulesohyeah
Created: 03/15/12
Recommendations: 6
Views: 834
My new Legacy, A Supernatural Legacy
By: IvyEC
Created: 09/10/12
Recommendations: 37
Views: 834
11 year old Alison's life, just an intro, chapter 1 will be out soon. Recommend if you like it, you are awesome if you recommend it. :D
By: Ashy101
Created: 02/13/10
Recommendations: 31
Views: 834
Miley is having an affair with one of her customers. And she's confused on what shes doing, but then a suprising customer comes to the store.
By: trashman153
Created: 09/02/10
Recommendations: 48
Views: 834
Episode 3 has A LOT going on! I hope you enjoy and the ending is great!
By: badtothebone322
Created: 07/05/09
Recommendations: 24
Views: 834
The profiles of the first ten children from the Centalonas 100BC.
By: FyireChilde
Created: 02/06/12
Recommendations: 7
Views: 834
Episode 6
By: mojot89
Created: 01/15/10
Recommendations: 20
Views: 834
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