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Colten wants another baby, but Ruby doesn't want one. Will Colten win this battle or suffer defeat? Tune in!
By: TheUsernameFound
Created: 04/27/10
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Pushed Under ~ Introduction is the Intro to a new series I'm writing about a girl named Daisie who is absolutely afraid of the water. Please read to find out more! Oh, and recommend if you liked it or loved it and want some more of it!
By: Malieanne
Created: 03/17/10
Recommendations: 66
Views: 734
This is me a colored contact wearing girl named Cornell. This is a preview look in my life. please rec!
By: Rosebud14
Created: 04/09/10
Recommendations: 41
Views: 734
just saying how much i luv your storys!!!!!!!
By: KassandraGraham
Created: 02/20/10
Recommendations: 39
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I felt bad about what i said.
By: brcat1230
Created: 07/27/10
Recommendations: 98
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Kaprice, A stunning, early collage graduate existing in the heart of a adventurous city, discovers that there are numerous secrets hidden within her DNA . After a unplanned visit from an unlikely but charming guest claiming to be sent by her father Vincent, Kaprice finds that her life may never be ordinary again. Maybe even, at the back of her mind she may be falling for This eye-catching stranger. -{Kaprice Ch.14}-
By: KupCakeFrosting
Created: 08/15/12
Recommendations: 67
Views: 734
Violet has just found out that Billy was killed. What is her reaction? Also, a secret is discovered. Read to find out!!
By: Bananadancer12
Created: 04/26/12
Recommendations: 52
Views: 734
W00T!!! >X3
By: SnowflakeEater
Created: 06/01/10
Recommendations: 11
Views: 733
Ok, this is my new story, "Hopelessly not in love". Its follows Finn Hopes life and finds out what the past and the future holds. Please take the time to read this. Thank you!
By: bayyleaf
Created: 12/11/10
Recommendations: 57
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He's coming. I climb harder, but rain weighs down my clothes and stings my eyes. My thighs burn. My chest is hot and tight. I want to stop and catch my breath, but I hear his footsteps. Close. So close. Half a breath later, a bullet splinters the palm trunk beside me. I drop to the ground, the sound of my scream caught in my throat. If only I could rewind the past three days, I'd do everything different. I would tell Seth I'm sorry and I would do whatever it took to see my mom one last time before I die.
By: Anonyme_123
Created: 07/11/11
Recommendations: 52
Views: 733
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