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By: TomerB
Created: 06/13/09
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victoria went through 5 weddings to find the right guy.on the 6th wedding she married a guy named John.And they stuck together until Victoria died giving birth to their 10th child.John was left to raise them alone until Tayler (victoria's sister) married him on the 28 of April. The death annaverary of her sisters death.They had 15 children together.Anna,Jimmy,Kylie,Gorden,Lou,Rae,James,Kyle,Hannah and Shannah (the twins),tyler,Boo,Bruja,and little Mareah. and they died together.of old age.the end!!!!!!!!!!
By: donybrat2014
Created: 10/14/09
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A sim's eye view of a fireworks display at the Sunset Valley Central Park. Made in response to this thread:
By: Smeelia
Created: 08/30/10
Recommendations: 13
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Sam Fresco decides to annoy his sister, Sarah, by playing electric guitar with the amp directed towards her while she's trying to read! Sam soon learns that doing this is a big, big no no. All of the Sims that appear in this video are available on the exchange! The house that this takes place in is also on the exchange, it's a creation of mine called Modest Green. The house had a few mistakes when it was published, But those mistakes are easily fixable (I added the details in my blog). :D ENJOY!
By: Assimulo
Created: 01/29/11
Recommendations: 25
Views: 1261
This home is fully furnished complete with all the bed room one bath deck play tested completed a full skill level in 2 hr. room for upgrades plenty of little extras. Art Delight..perfect for the single Sim. room for mate or kid. priced right for your 1st promation home you may not want to move after staying a wile at the Art Delight..Happy Simming ..some extra pix.................. your friend TM1..
By: teasingmeat1
Created: 07/06/09
Recommendations: 12
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By: ghyy
Created: 12/02/09
Recommendations: 2
Views: 1259
Brenda Ladyt is the star of this video. I have been playing with this sim for almost a whole day now. She is a charming lady. Brenda got married and she and her husband had a wonderful wedding. Eventually Brenda became pregnant. She became sick for a little bit. And after her pregnancy took off she and her husband got divorced becuase of so many issues left unresolved. Currently, Brenda lives happily unmarried with her 2 day old daughter Annie.
By: Smile4theSun
Created: 06/04/09
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Views: 1257
My designer sim spent ages on constructing a pool for her best friend, but somehow i don't think she'll be happy with the result!!
By: BurnimaPlayer
Created: 08/23/10
Recommendations: 23
Views: 1255
Lol! My sim's pregnancy!Stressful for her and her boyfrined! srry little glitchy!
By: Tsukiko12345
Created: 06/08/09
Recommendations: 1
Views: 1254
Bella is a teenager and experiencing what a make-out is like!
By: chococat13
Created: 06/29/09
Recommendations: 2
Views: 1253
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