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teens who meet each other online and gain a relationship only to meet in the distant future
By: TierraPlaysSims
Created: 07/01/14
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Rubie is at a picnic, remembering when she liked the boy who almost killed her brother, Justin. She also remembers when she was about to marry her brother's almost killer. She remembers the long chat that she had online with him and a bunch of people from school, she also remembers writing on her blog about the fight between her crush and brother. She browses her SimFacebook to see the newsfeed, and finds a lot of statuses about her crush almost killin' her brother. She recalls saying 'I don't' to her crush
By: NikkiyyaRella10
Created: 07/02/14
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new movie hope you like it
By: dodgerandoreo
Created: 07/15/14
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I hope you guys and girls like this!!!!!!!!!!!
By: camstercn
Created: 07/13/14
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By: sabrinalr18
Created: 07/10/14
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its a cheesy first attempt at movie makeing any tips would be apreciated the effects and what not scene changing and so on i can use help figuring it out to make the movie look good
By: Kattria
Created: 07/06/14
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About the suicide of a girl that burned food
By: buddy1146
Created: 07/07/14
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Watch as these Sims show you how a Sims life can be
By: wfp1974
Created: 07/08/14
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This story is about a couple that were in love,Until the girl who hated both of them befriended Elliot,(the boy)and Elliot asked her to tell Dana(the girl) that he loves her,but she told Dana the complete switch.So then Dana broke up with Elliot,leaving him in a mindless state.Dana was thinking through all the flashback's in the park one day,When someone sneaked up behind her and killed her.Elliot later got a phone call from Dana's cell,Thinking that it was Dana.But it was the FBI.Watch to see what happens.
By: ValiereRoses
Created: 07/12/14
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By: lifesummersis
Created: 06/29/14
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Views: 46
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