Sims 3 Glitch Destroyed My Family, Support to Make EA Fix Bugs/Glitches in The Sims 3
by Assimulo
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Created: 07/07/11
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This is a documentary about the horrifying glitches that occure in the Sims 3, and what Sims 3 customers can do to get EA to fix them. Recommend this to join the petition, it's anonymous, and free. MESSAGE TO EA: You've created something grand with the Sims 3, but you need to iron out the bugs and glitches, quickly. Almost all of your Sims 3 customers have spent over $100 on the Sims 3, and a great many of them run into the $200's, $300's, $400's, $500's, and perhaps even $600's. We didn't pay for nothing.

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