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Sorry this chapter has been delayed. Been really busy:) Please read and enjoy! (and if you like it, please recommend!)
By: babycoolkailen
Created: 01/16/11
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" The Perfect family'' Meet the Brownswick family RICH Man of the house is a CEO. Woman of the house is a Sugeon and they have 4 " PErfect" Children or do they? they may live in the best town ever and have he biggest house but what goes on when They aren't home and the children get out of the High Honor school their parents put them in??? Does the Man of the house have someone secret on the side? Does Rosaline keep things from her family? Will the teenagers grow up to be like them?? Any suggestions comment!
By: missya0002
Created: 08/02/09
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Chapter 1 of TMRS! Check out the prologue first if you haven't:) Hope you enjoy it and recommend if you do!:) I know this chapter is a little slow-paced, but the next ones will be more exciting, I promise! Happy simming and have a wonderful evening!:) Link to forum-
By: FrugalMay
Created: 07/24/10
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An all new interactive series that deals with the lives of six high school students and their teacher.
By: Slushpuppy19
Created: 12/31/11
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Aw, not ANOTHER one... Read to find out what the heck I am talking about.
By: RetroSim
Created: 12/27/09
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Isabella just turned 18 and is ready to live her life! She moves from Sunset Valley to Bridgeport and runs into things each and every other day..Until she finds her self to be the creature of the night, she will never see "day" again...Will she ever stop running into bad news?
By: lata122
Created: 12/31/11
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The best glitch in WA ever
By: desi9876543
Created: 12/03/09
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A Vampiric Legacy, Chapter 2: The 'T' Word! Please recommend, read and rate high! Tommi x
By: TomethP
Created: 09/01/09
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This is a very simple "story", showing everything that is included in the new "Outdoor Living" Stuff Pack. I thought that people might be interested in seeing what's in it before buying it.
By: sims2aholic63
Created: 02/10/11
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Everything you need to know about vampires!
By: GtfoMyDog
Created: 11/08/10
Recommendations: 77
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