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Chapter 1 of TMRS! Check out the prologue first if you haven't:) Hope you enjoy it and recommend if you do!:) I know this chapter is a little slow-paced, but the next ones will be more exciting, I promise! Happy simming and have a wonderful evening!:) Link to forum-
By: FrugalMay
Created: 07/24/10
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Aw, not ANOTHER one... Read to find out what the heck I am talking about.
By: RetroSim
Created: 12/27/09
Recommendations: 89
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Episode 2 of The Sims 3 Reality game show. Who gets eliminated and who becomes the next OOH? Read to find out! I hope you enjoy and please recommend!
By: badtothebone322
Created: 07/02/09
Recommendations: 38
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This is my warm, contemporary home that I created for Build n' Share #35, the Winter Showdown. This lot can be downloaded from my homepage.
By: MomSonSimFun
Created: 01/31/10
Recommendations: 18
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Jenna May has always had a drama-free life. That is, until she started taking interest in Riley Santiago's boyfriend. Riley put her foot down and Jenna happily obliged, to keep her life the way she wants. Jenna works up the courage to talk to Harley, Riley's boyfriend, even though she has her terms with Riley. And Jenna pays the ultimate price for it. Murder.
By: AshANDAmy334
Created: 07/31/12
Recommendations: 50
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Katherine decided to take on the 100 Baby Challenge! The birth of baby #1!!!!!!!!!!!
By: hugz4life101
Created: 12/11/10
Recommendations: 29
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We are Young- Season Finale "Look at me. Not her."
By: Owleh3739
Created: 11/12/12
Recommendations: 79
Views: 1030
By: CaitlinRace
Created: 07/03/10
Recommendations: 12
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A Vampiric Legacy, Chapter 2: The 'T' Word! Please recommend, read and rate high! Tommi x
By: TomethP
Created: 09/01/09
Recommendations: 33
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Chapter 3 Eva Matthews is an accomplished romance and dating columnist, who herself is having trouble finding a man worthy of her standards when she turns to an online dating site in hopes of finding that perfect man without realizing the potential dangers that could come from her endeavors.
By: NyGirl
Created: 11/03/10
Recommendations: 108
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