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Hey guys! Molly here! Just a few dieas for some Expansion Packs. Thank you, to 'LOLgtf' for giving me some ideas&yes I did ONE of the same ideas as himm, but gave him the credit :3 -M.xoxo
By: iMolly98
Created: 07/03/11
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Make Me Over - Wedding Edition - We give Naomi a makeover for her wedding. Be sure to Reccomend for more and watch episode one. It can be found in my studio. Rec!
By: Champselysse
Created: 05/12/11
Recommendations: 30
Views: 1131
All about the Thornquist family, and an epilogue of sorts for the upcoming "Cassie's Eyes" story series.
By: Kaka_Fan
Created: 11/17/09
Recommendations: 28
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Woah, my longest story ever! :0
By: Smileykid
Created: 04/17/10
Recommendations: 32
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I have found a way to get PETS on your sims game YES i have a puppy, read to find out how.....
By: 557141
Created: 07/05/10
Recommendations: 168
Views: 1130
Rose Taylor has just moved in with her sister, in her new house. See, Rose has just left college and has no money for a shelter of her own yet. Did I mention that not only is she living with her sister, but her sister's fiance too? Did I also mention that this fiance is the guy who Rose use to be best friend's with, also known as the only guy she's ever been in love with? Read about this drama/comedy/romance
By: nameyou2468
Created: 01/25/12
Recommendations: 94
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This is VERY sad story about a woman getting kidnapped leaving her baby behind, will she survive?
By: Sunny1010
Created: 08/10/09
Recommendations: 22
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Screenshots for Build-n-Share 38 "Olympic Village"
By: spinelli320
Created: 03/02/10
Recommendations: 14
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Wedding chapel, for people who want to see a little better than what is at the exchange.
By: Anavastia
Created: 07/02/10
Recommendations: 14
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Pictures of Hillart View. A modern-contemporary home, suited for a hillside topography for a breathtaking view. This house features 5 designed outdoor lounges for different activities including a living/ dining deck; private reading deck; bar/ music lounge, outdoor playing lounge & open bonfire pit deck. Along these are the indoor spaces such as the open living/ dining/ kitchen space; pantry/ powder room; 3-bedrooms w/ t&b, gym w/ t&b, & a study loft; and a provision of 2 carport.
By: RxsChldrn
Created: 05/02/11
Recommendations: 18
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