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A new Realality series :P
By: 1mirmir
Created: 04/11/10
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The intro to classified... I can't say any more... no really its classified!
By: Makito_Kamiko
Created: 07/27/12
Recommendations: 39
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Oh no
By: danit157
Created: 08/22/10
Recommendations: 5
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This is a story about Natasha Gregson, her high school's 'loser.' Nobody likes her, not even her family! One day her sister's boyfriend David starts flirting with her. Then everything starts to get a whole lot crazier. REC IF YOU LIKE, ADD ME AS A FRIEND(I ACCEPT ALL) AND ON THE LAST PAGE THERE IS INFO ABOUT A COMPETITION OF MINE!
By: LuiROX
Created: 04/14/10
Recommendations: 14
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Before we have the finalist take their spot as heir, I wanted to make sure each had a partner and a carrer to start. Sorry about the anmes not being mentioned, that's coming later today.
By: santeladelta123
Created: 08/11/11
Recommendations: 11
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New house, new style, new friend. Wowowow...friend?!? Patricia is in a bad situation and her mother is always crazy. Suddenly her best Friend Jane lie about her new friend and Patricia...oh men a really BAD situation... Do you want more information? Just read and you have all the information you need!
By: Gummihahn
Created: 08/11/11
Recommendations: 31
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Summer Rave lived in fear for eight years of her life, she has never had anyone to turn to when things get bad. She has seen rock bottom, and has wished for her life to end. But then when she realizes one person does care, can she finally get her self out of the dark tunnel she has been living in. Is Jay Lace Summer's Light. Is there a light at the end for fifteen year old Summer Rave?
By: Charlottefrances
Created: 07/28/12
Recommendations: 35
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Please read and rec! :)
By: sims1029
Created: 09/10/11
Recommendations: 20
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Chapter 5 Of Breaking Beyond Boundaries is out! In this chapter: After being exiled from Alexandria Tehuitu prepares a small wooden boat and takes Halima with him, being lost at sea is terrible and strange things occur when they arrive at a deserted island, Will they both survive? Will Halima finally be with Tehuitu peacefully? All in this short chapter of BBB! recc and comment pls :o)
By: horsesrox76
Created: 03/01/11
Recommendations: 30
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Javier and his single mom move to a new town There will be many complications in their future...Will they stay so close? read and find out.
By: 06Bon06
Created: 06/22/11
Recommendations: 12
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