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Welcome to Bridgeport, Here those wh oare seen as "Different" or "Infected" are killed for being the way they are. Natalie lives with the ultimate secret... Her half brother is one of them... A Vampire...
By: tessiechops
Created: 08/09/11
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Ever Oppins lives a not-so-perfect life, filled with hatred, secrecy, and lies. But that is all about to change when she is forced by her controlling parents to go to Verona High Academy, only the MOST exclusive school in the world...
By: whynothelp
Created: 09/11/10
Recommendations: 36
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Ideas for Expansion Packs to Sims 3! Enjoy!
By: janubeary
Created: 05/29/10
Recommendations: 36
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Here is your cheat library for The Sims 3. Hope you like it. if not i understand. REcommend.!!!!plz
By: ponygurl891
Created: 10/19/09
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By: 1mirmir
Created: 02/20/10
Recommendations: 15
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A sim has a baby but there's a baby napper on the loose. Can she save her baby.
By: noah539
Created: 02/05/10
Recommendations: 6
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By: aliwali100
Created: 02/18/11
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Next one is here! Another ghost visit, Blue talks with Belisama after Beau gives him the warning, and Cosmo gives me a heart attack. All in this chapter! Read, enjoy, rec :)
By: IStoleThis19
Created: 07/27/11
Recommendations: 31
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A baby was stolen from a loved family into the hands of starngers with no love or care. Growing up in the shadows of books and TV, will Nicole soon find out who she really is?
By: hannahnelson
Created: 02/12/12
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I opened my eyes and glanced around, I jumped out of bed, and pulled on my clothes. I ran towards the door, and into the warm breeze outside, I continued to run, out back into the woods, keep running I told myself. Then I bursted into the clearing with a smile, I began to walk into this place I was now so fond of.
By: AxelKingdom
Created: 09/25/09
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