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Chapter 2 of Mobby Tentacles, do sea monsters really exist?
By: FeBlade
Created: 09/24/13
Recommendations: 4
Views: 470
Another story from your sims book shelves for you to read and enjoy. Can you guess the endingof this "who done it"?
By: MareZeSim
Created: 11/22/12
Recommendations: 27
Views: 470
Walkthrough for American Craftsman Bungalow - Jimmy Applejack's house for Build-n-Share Week 10. The house is available at
By: Kitkat7145
Created: 08/10/09
Recommendations: 7
Views: 470
ugly old lady
By: loganp42797
Created: 05/30/09
Recommendations: 0
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For a nineteen yearold who can't date beacause her father will not let her so. When a mystery man came to her door she going have to brake some rules.
By: ste256
Created: 11/11/12
Recommendations: 16
Views: 470
"One day heads will roll again, but this time it would be theirs..." Averill's life was shattered into pieces when dark forces invaded their kingdom, killing her family and all those who had mattered to her. Now she's sworn revenge, even when it meanse putting her own life at stake...
By: monikapienaar
Created: 09/10/12
Recommendations: 11
Views: 470
By: wizplace
Created: 08/06/10
Recommendations: 12
Views: 469
Tanner takes Kelsey on a surprise birthday trip...Will what happens on the trip change Kelsey's life forever?
By: hugz4life101
Created: 02/09/11
Recommendations: 57
Views: 469
By: kipper123
Created: 03/15/11
Recommendations: 19
Views: 469
Lila, starts opening up. But when her teacher suggest she tries out for the math olympics, she slowly starts closing up again.
By: trashman153
Created: 08/18/10
Recommendations: 41
Views: 469