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By: FrostyElsa1
Created: 01/01/15
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By: 81ninemonerasmnd
Created: 01/06/15
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Lizzie & Abby: The College Diaries: Chapter 24: Finals Week: With Finals approaching, Lizzie and Abby find themselves trying to focus on school to no avail. Lizzie finds herself worrying about about Kendal's avoidance of her and Abby is struggling to figure out why Brad has become so distant. With they both be able to set their problems aside for the sake of their exams?
By: evanglinababe19
Created: 12/30/14
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Jacklyn and Jessie both strive for what one another has already achieved. Will their jealousy make them find success, or appreciate what is already theirs?
By: e112211
Created: 12/27/14
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umm my sims
By: elliebellz
Created: 12/28/14
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Lizzie & Abby: The College Diaries: Chapter 26: After Finals Party: With finals finally over, Abby is thrilled to be letting off some steam at the Alpha Annyas party. And with a little a little luck, the night could turn out to be even better than she expected.
By: evanglinababe19
Created: 01/07/15
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By: hollylouiezak
Created: 01/16/15
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By: 69up9ez9h6jbjyx3
Created: 01/03/15
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By: Hellfire5231
Created: 01/08/15
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Sylvia settles in to a new life in Appaloosa Plains, but things are rocky from the start. Cold weather is coming and another unexpected surprise prompt Sylvia to work harder than ever. But what is she running from anyway?
By: ViolaGirl13
Created: 12/29/14
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